‘In Flow’ is an exciting ensemble combining Indonesian Gamelan with improvisation & electronics.

In collaboration with Andrew Madec (fellow Zinc bandmate and one half of electro-outfit VOIDS), I have worked intensely together with the ensemble for the past year, composing and developing a new approach for using improvisation to make music on the Gamelan.
Central to the sound of the group is the electronic processing of the acoustic instruments, as well as programmed electronic beats using sampled gamelan instruments.

In Flow was started in 2015, and initially led by Andrew with a focus on sampling the gamelan and various percussion instruments to make stripped down electronic beats. These beats were then processed through guitar effects pedals, as were some of the instruments during the performances (see above photos). The result was a beautiful musical collage, tradition married with technology.

In Flow; Gamelan & Electronics

In Flow is supported by both Arts Council Ireland and That’s Life; the award-winning arts programme of the Brothers of Charity Services Galway, which offers people with intellectual disability opportunities to discover and realise their artistic potential through working with established artists.

Our debut EP is available to stream and buy here.