JAZZGate is a series of jazz concerts which I curate and perform on in The Black Gate Galway. The series pays tribute to the greatest jazz artists and composers of all time, as well as featuring local and visiting musicians – celebrating the absolute cream of the Irish Jazz scene.

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JAZZGate SPRING 2020 Season

JAZZGate will continue this year every Thursday night, with a new and exciting programme of featured artists and themed concerts.
*Doors for the JAZZGate series are at 9pm unless otherwise advertised,
and music starts soon after.


To date, JAZZGate has featured the absolute finest players from around the Irish Jazz scene:

Emilie Conway, Suzanne Savage, Barbara Vulso, Róisín Mulliez, Sarah O’Toole, Bill Blackmore, Colm O’Hara, Cathal Roche, Matthew Berrill, Sam Comerford, Mike Nielsen, Tommy Halferty, Naomi Berrill, Greg Felton, Izumi Kimura, Scott Flanigan, John Donegan (UK), Éanna Ryder, Ger Madden, Dan Bodwell, Neil O’Loclainn, Derek Whyte, Cormac O’Brien, Charlie Foley, John O’Dwyer, Paul O’Driscoll, Dan Walsh, Matthew Jacobson, Sean Carpio, Kevin Brady, Barry Duffy, Miki Belton, Szymon Mizniak, Phil McMullan, Terry Cooke, John Daly, Conor Murray.



JAZZGate SPRING 2020 Season

Thursday January 9
The music of Charlie Parker
feat. Bertrand Huve (sax)

Bertrand Huve – Saxophone
Aengus Hackett – Guitar
Dan Bodwell – Bass
Miki Belton – Drums

Thursday January 16
The Music of Stan Getz
feat. Matthew Berrill (sax)

Matthew Berrill – Saxophone
Aengus Hackett – Guitar
Cormac O’ Brien – Bass
Matthew Jacobson – Drums

Thursday January 23
The Music of Nina Simone
feat. Barbara Vulso (vocals)

Barbara Vulso – Vocals
Aengus Hackett – Guitar
Dan Bodwell – Double Bass
Barry Duffy – Drums

Thursday February 6
The music of Cole Porter
feat. Mike Nielsen (gtr.)

Mike Nielsen – Guitar
Aengus Hackett – Guitar

Thursday February 13
The Music of Lester Young
feat. Sam Comerford (sax)

Sam Comerford – Saxophone 

Aengus Hackett – Guitar

Neil O’ Loclainn – Bass

Phil MacMullan – Drums

Thursday February 20
The Music of Paul Motian
feat. Dan Walsh (drums)

Cathal Roche – Saxophone

Aengus Hackett – Guitar

Neil O’ Loclainn – Bass

Dan Walsh – Drums

Thursday February 27
The Music of Billie Holiday
feat. Emilie Conway  (vocals)

Emilie Conway – Vocals
Aengus Hackett – Guitar
Dan Bodwell – Bass
Barry Duffy – Drums

Thursday March 5
The Music of Keith Jarrett
feat. John Donegan, UK (piano)

Matthew Berrill – Saxophone
John Donegan (UK) – Piano
Aengus Hackett – Guitar
Barry Donohue – Bass
John Daly – Drums

JAZZGate Autumn / Winter 2019 Season

September 13
The Music of Aretha Franklin
featuring special guest Barbara Vulso on vocals

September 21
The Music of Wayne Shorter
featuring special guest Cathal Roche on saxophone

September 28
The Music of Aengus Hackett!
A new trio performing brand-new compositions of mine,
feat. Derek Whyte (bass) and Matthew Jacobson (drums)

Thursday October 17
The Music of Naomi Berrill & Matthew Berrill
feat. special guest Naomi Berrill (vocals, cello)

Friday October 25
Brazilian / Bossa Nova night
feat. special guest Mike Nielsen (guitar)

Thursday October 31
JAZZGate ‘Halloweekend’: Fancy Dress Jazz Party
feat. six-piece band of Ireland’s finest musicians;

Cathal Roche (saxophone/clarinet)
Matthew Berrill (saxophone/clarinet)
Colm O’ Hara (trombone)
Aengus Hackett (guitar)
Neil O’ Loclainn (bass)
Dan Walsh (drums)

Tickets €15

Friday November 1 *(late start – 10pm)
JAZZGate ‘Halloweekend’: New Orleans theme
feat. six-piece band of Ireland’s finest musicians
Tickets €15

Saturday November 2
JAZZGate ‘Halloweekend’: Vocal night feat. Róisín Mulliez
feat. five-piece band of Ireland’s finest musicians
Tickets €15

Thursday November 7
The Music of Bill Evans
feat. special guest John Donegan, UK (piano)

Saturday November 16
The Music of Joni Mitchell
feat. special guest Suzanne Savage (vocals)

Thursday November 28
The Music of Carla Bley
feat. special guest Izumi Kimura (piano)

Thursday December 7
Clarinet in Jazz (Benny Goodman/Sidney Bechet)
feat. special guest Matthew Berrill (clarinet)

Thursday December 12
The Music of Chet Baker
feat. special guests Paul O’ Driscoll (vocals, bass) & Bill Blackmore (trumpet)

Thursday December 19
‘A JAZZGate Christmas’
feat. special guest Sarah O’ Toole (vocals)

Summer season 2019:


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