Aengus is involved in a number of diverse musical projects.
Click the links below for music and more info.

Aengus Hackett Trio

Explosive trio featuring two of Ireland’s finest improvisers.
Our sound incorporates rock, electronica, and free improv, whilst dipping in to the jazz tradition

Nielsen/Hackett Duo

Collaboration with one of Europe’s leading jazz guitarists Mike Nielsen.
Guitar duo with a cohesive mix of nylon and electric guitars. Melodic and highly rhythmical music, with no shortage of surprises.

Solo Guitar

Solo guitar and electronics – ‘a captivating blend of jazz, folk, African, film music and more’

Penji (electronica)

Solo electronica project.
A smorgasboard of lush guitar melodies bending in and out of crisp electronic drum beats and fat synths


Past projects


Residency of concerts which paid tribute to the greatest jazz artists and composers of all time.
Featuring local and visiting musicians, JAZZGate celebrated the absolute cream of the Irish jazz scene



Irish-Turkish Project (feat. Sanem Kalfa)


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